I’m just a girl who grew up loving sugar and art, but never really believed I could ever do anything with it. So I left it behind and got my Business degree (’cause I had to pick something), and did accounting and HR for a great local company for almost 10 years.

I loved that job. My boss was patient with me as I worked my schedule around college, and I learned more from him than I ever did in expensive business classes (I am so thankful!) 

But seven years into working there…he gave me a Kitchen Aid mixer, and a year after that, my friend Niki tagged along with me to a Wilton cake decorating class.

There was no going back. I fell hopelessly, madly in love with baking and sugar art. I took cooking classes everywhere I could find them – William Sonoma, local catering companies, culinary demos… I wanted more! So I applied for culinary school.

Culinary school itself was a full-time job. I still had to work full time at my company to pay tuition and rent, and I was working an additional 30+ hours each week between a restaurant and bakery to complete my internship hours for school. Which means, I didn’t sleep for two years.

During the last year of culinary school I married my Coast Guard pilot, and shortly after that our first born was on the way. I knew that there was NO way I was going to attempt to finish school while working two jobs, an internship AND grow a tiny human. That idea was “mental breakdown” material. So I quit my beloved office job, waddled my way around the restaurant, and powered through the end of school. Pre-labor started during finals week, and I gave birth to my daughter 5 days later.

 I absolutely LOVED being a mama. But being the workaholic that I am… a new baby didn’t keep me as busy as I needed to be. So one day, I decided to make a friend a birthday cake just for fun.

Turns out, “fun” was an understatement. My sleepy inner artist came roaring back to life. And she REFUSED to be laid back down to rest. Hence, Bakermama was born…and I haven’t looked back. 

Two more babies, two cross country moves and 14 years later, I still LOVE this job. Whether I'm making your wedding cake, a 1st or 80th birthday cake,  or baking just to fulfill your sugar craving, I get to be a part of your best life moments. You all allow me to live my dream and do what I love (while eating it too). THANK YOU! 

meet bakermama

meet bakermama

You can’t go wrong with Bakermama.

 You will not be disappointed!

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— Shannon C.

a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.

let's face it...

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Bakermama Cakes is an Award-Winning Wedding Cake Studio located in the Northern Suburbs of Dallas Texas.